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Founders of Bolt & Regnerus electric

Tom Bolt and Sam Regnerus started Bolt & Regnerus Electric in 1977.

Our Story

Bolt & Regnerus Electric Inc. is a locally owned company that has always prided itself in having family involved in the day-to-day operations.
Tom Bolt and Sam Regnerus started the business in Sam’s barn behind his house. They had a few tools, an old wooden ladder and a old rusty truck. Tom and Sam wanted to do something they loved while providing for their family. Their small residential company went from just the two of them to a growing company ever year. 

Sam had 5 sons and a daughter. 4 out of the 5 sons worked for Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC. 

In 1996 Rob Regnerus, Sam’s oldest son, bought his portion of the business from him. Sam continued working for the company until he was 65 years old. He said his favorite part of owning part of Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC was working in the field and getting to know all the different builders they did work for. 
Tom Bolt and Rob Regnerus then became partners. Tom and Rob also started Custom Video and Sound. Tom’s two sons Paul and Eric worked for the company for years before they bought their dad portion of the business in 2010. Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC was built with family in mind.

Tom still works at Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC part time. Tom says he enjoys still working for a business he built from the start. He enjoys being able to work with his two kids, and  his two grandkids as well.
 Over the years there has been brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters work for Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC. Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC main goal is to keep serving the greater western Michigan area. They all love what they do and want to continue the names. 

Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC started out with only Residential. Now the company as grown and now they do residential and commercial. Bolt and Regnerus Electric INC started in 1977 and want to continue to serve the community.
Bolt & Regnerus Electric INC also owns Custom Video & Sound. We are the one stop shop when it comes to home electrical, video, and audio.  We can sell and install TV’s, home theaters, surround systems, alarm systems etc.
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